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Honey & Roses Coffee Co. 

My collaboration with Honey & Roses coffee includes paid social media strategy for all channels, campaign management and creative consultancy.

The first business objective is to increase brand awareness and grow the company’s social media presence. We are achieving it through a series of engaging ads on Instagram and Facebook. We are testing creatives and audiences whilst educating the potential customers about the brand values and mission. The long-term goal is to increase online sales so we are working on getting more traffic and, ultimately, sales through the digital channels.

About Honey & Roses Coffee Co.

Joe and Ella founded Honey & Roses Coffee Co. to bring together a passion for travel and a love for coffee. They wanted to connect artisan coffee roasters with people around the world and offer the opportunity to compare and sample a variety of roasts they might not normally have access to.
Honey & Roses gives you access to great craft roasters all over the US, all in one place.
The marketplace allows you to compare over 200 amazing coffees, see their taste notes and select the roast profile and origins that suit you.
The Variety Subscription lets you work your way through all of our amazing roasters, getting something new that suits your tastes each and every time.
‘Home’ by Honey & Roses brings you the greatest artisanal accessories that accompany your morning coffee, with a focus on sustainability.