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At the risk of sounding like a typical social media marketer I have a confession to make. I am addicted to Instagram. I spend an average of 1hr 2m on the app (and that’s since I started limiting my usage) every day and check it at regular intervals. I look at all content: photos, videos, stories, the good, the bad, the ugly, I screenshot, share, like, watch. My addiction makes it difficult for Instagram to surprise me but recently between various surf photos I started seeing a lot of red in my feed. Coca-Cola has made its way into my Instagram and made it impossible for me not to notice it. 93 posts in a single day to celebrate World Kindness Day. The brand have taken a bold decision to stop posting and go dark on their feed for 4 days only to come back with a completely refreshed new content celebrating kindness, happiness and positivity.


The brand explains their decision: “Consumers today are seeking out more positive, uplifting and shareworthy content in social because the world – especially the digital sphere – can be so divisive, at times,” said Sarah Traverso, group director, Coca-Cola North America Social Centre. “Our fans are looking for things that make them smile, which is a great insight for Coca-Cola because it aligns to our values of optimism, uplift and bringing people together to share moments of happiness.”

Whatever their motivations, the move was brilliant and impossible not to notice. It also proves that anyone who says organic reach is dead just hasn’t thought creatively enough.